5 signs it's time to move on from touring

Touring caravans are a fantastic way to enjoy your leisure time. They give you the chance to take your relaxation on the road, discover new places or return to old favourites. Their clever use of space is a marvel of modern design and at Aria we celebrate them for getting families out and about, enjoying nature.  

However, as the saying goes “the grass is always greener…” so every once in a while, even the most dedicated touring family may ask themselves the question (albeit whispered!), “touring caravan or static caravan?”. If this sounds like you, we’ve found 5 tell-tale signs it might be time for you to make the move! 

1. Your holiday pitch resembles a festival site

If you wake up in the morning to a view of tents containing family members who no longer fit in the caravan it may be time to accept that you have outgrown a tourer. We all know that a family that holidays together stays together. But when your kids no longer fit in the tiny bunk beds constructed from the dining table; or it takes a good twenty minutes to extract someone from the card game to go to the toilet, it might be time to invest in something with a little bit more room for everybody. In a static caravan you can all enjoy your own bedroom so you get more privacy too and if there is an early riser in the family, you no longer need to adhere to their natural alarm clock!

2. You are fed up of walking to the toilets at night!

If the “only for emergencies” rule seems to have been completely forgotten by your family and they are increasingly using the toilet and shower like you are plumbed in, even when you haven’t booked a fully serviced pitch, it is probably time to look at alternative holiday accommodation with a fully functional bathroom...or two! Static caravans all have lovely shower rooms and some have en-suite facilities. In some lodges you’ll even find a residential size bath. The trudge, or trundle, to the toilet block to empty your toilet could become a thing of the past!

3. The view from your caravan window is mostly your driveway

You may have started out as touring pioneers, forging your way to new locations each and every weekend. If more recently your touring caravan has sat on the driveway because the thought of packing everything up, hooking up the caravan, towing it a couple of hours from home and then setting everything up feels like it will add to your daily grind rather than give you a break away, it is time to change things up. A static caravan will allow you to escape quickly and easily. Leave some belongings there to reduce your pack time and then all you need to do is get in the car and arrive at your relaxing break away!

4. You’ve fallen in love

Perhaps you have found the perfect location for you and yours. It has everything you need to relax and forget about daily life. You love the nearby restaurants, have found the best spot to relax on the beach and are starting to make friends in the local area. Maybe you have been lucky to get a seasonal pitch or perhaps you are on a waiting list, desperately hoping for a spot to come up. If this sounds like you, it might be worth thinking of investing in a static caravan at your chosen spot. A static caravan or luxury lodge will come with central heating and double glazing so it is easier to enjoy your favourite location all year round. You may also be able to sublet your static caravan to put a little bit of money in your pocket to help pay for your getaway treats.

5. You’ve got decking envy

When you are out, strolling around a holiday park, you can’t help stealing a sneaky look at the people out on their holiday home decking. The stylish, plush outdoor furniture, tidy storage container and large barbeque are calling to you from your fold up chairs and table which have to be stowed away once you go back inside. In fact, a static caravan offers a whole host of home comforts that makes relaxing at the weekend seem almost luxurious!  Large spacious kitchens, with room for a wine rack, a good-sized TV with excellent signal, double glazing and tonnes of storage space. It’s as easy as being at home, without the endless to do lists!


If you like what you see, get in touch with us to sort out your tourer trade-in!

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