Unsure about holiday home insurance? We’ll help!

Get 12 months insurance for free when you’re a first time owner*

When you find that special somewhere, that you want to keep visiting all the time, it may be time to consider holiday home ownership. Having a holiday home gives you your dream holiday over and over again but there a few little practicalities to consider along the way.

One of the most often asked questions is, do you need insurance for your holiday home? And to put it simply, yes you do! Which is why for first time owners, we’re here to give you a helping hand. We offer 12 months insurance included with your purchase of one of our glorious holiday homes and if you’re already an existing Aria owner you can currently get 12 months insurance for the price of 11 through our trusted insurance provider Leisuredays. Whether you have a cosy caravan, luxurious lodge, or a comforting cottage, you can get it covered with our chosen provider.

Why do I need holiday home insurance?

Whether you opt for a static caravan a luxury lodge or a boutique barn, investing in a holiday home is a big purchasing decision. Holiday home insurance will give you the peace of mind that your investment in a laid-back holiday lifestyle, is protected from those unexpected events that might cause a bump in the road of your new chilled out existence. Unfortunately, it can’t be sunny all of the time, so if stormy skies cause accidental damage or you are unlucky to experience an incident of theft, holiday home insurance will ensure that you are covered. It is usually a condition of holiday resorts that all owners are protected by holiday home insurance and Aria Resorts is no exception. We want you to be able to sleep easy, knowing that all eventualities are already provided for.

What is included in the Leisuredays’ insurance package?

We don’t advise going half-hearted on holiday home insurance and we want you to be covered as much as possible, so we have worked closely with Leisuredays to ensure you can access a comprehensive insurance package.  

You’ll be covered for emergency repairs, debris removal and re-siting up to the value of £10,000, so if the unexpected does happen, there will be no need to worry.  Fixtures and fittings are covered too with ground rent cover provided up to £2,500. 

If you’re thinking of gaining a few extra pennies by subletting your holiday home, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have access to hiring out and loss of earnings options plus £5 million public liability cover, for any mishaps that might occur whilst your guests are enjoying their stay.

Both New for Old and Market Value cover are available to you, so you can choose the option that best suits you.  With a New for Old cover, should your holiday home be damaged beyond repair you will be provided with a new or equivalent value replacement, so you can carry on enjoying a comfortable home from home.

As part of the Leisure Days insurance cover, you’ll also receive 7 days a week support, competitive premiums, multiple payment facilities, and a specialist provider.


*For our long lease properties at Retallack Resort & Spa, The Bay Filey, The Bay Colwell and The Lakes Rookley building insurance is covered in your lease agreement but contents insurance will need to be taken out by the holiday home owner, we can provide details of a competitive cover offered by Leisure Days, but this will be at the expense of the owner.

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