How a holiday home can help you achieve your New Years resolutions

The start of a fresh New Year can feel as cleansing as the first page of a brand-new notebook. It is a chance to let go of all of our past regrets and really focus on the person we would like to be; and the goals that we want to achieve.   

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions research1 has shown that there are a number of very popular options that we are all desperate to add to the list, which add up to an improved, healthier and more relaxed lifestyle, filled with the things we love to do and the people that we love to spend time with. 

Buying a holiday home is perfect for helping you to achieve this hallowed grail of the ultimate lifestyle, as it really is an investment in your leisure time. We’ve put together our ideas on how owning a holiday home can help you achieve five of the of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. 

Spend more time with loved ones

Buying a static caravan, holiday lodge or one of our stylish mortgageable holiday homes gives you a dedicated place to step away from the day to day and spend more time making precious memories together. Leisure time in our own homes gets eaten up by our endless “to do” lists, household chores; or can be spent entirely separately as each family member pursues their own interests, clubs and friends.  Holidays are a great way of lifting the whole family out of their normal routines to enjoy some stress free, quality time in each other’s company; and through owning a holiday home you can achieve that “away from it all” feeling, much more regularly. Aria Resorts offers holiday caravans, lodges and mortgageable holiday homes to suit all family shapes and sizes; and because our parks are dog friendly, nobody gets left out! 

Exercise more

Whether you want to lose weight or just improve your fitness, one of the best pieces of advice to make this particular resolution a lasting one, is to find a sport or activity that you enjoy. Our resorts and the beautiful surrounding areas will open you up to oodles of choice when it comes to sports and activities.  The proximity of our coastal resorts to the wide-open ocean, opens up many sports that you might not have considered before including kayaking, coasteering, paddle boarding and, of course, surfing! If you prefer a gentler approach to exercise you could enjoy the great golf courses you’ll find on our doorsteps or increase your steps with a good old stomp along the South West Coast Path or along the wild heather covered heaths of Scotland. Whatever activity you fancy, a holiday home could be your gateway to a much more active lifestyle with more time to enjoy your new-found passions. 

Learn a new skill

Our resort locations enjoy rich and distinct cultures which lend themselves to plenty of hobbies which you could easily take up from the comfort of your new holiday home. With its own, proud, Celtic language you could join a local class to learn the Cornish lingo or perhaps try your hand at Scottish dancing, sand art on the Isle of Wight or the singing of traditional sea shanties, so you are ready to join in at one of the many traditional festivals! There are also lots of traditional recipes to master, so budding Masterchefs can work at perfecting their Dorset Apple Cake, Cornish Pasties or Haggis; or perhaps make the most of our tasty, edible surroundings and learn to forage and cook with some of our many natural ingredients including seaweed and shellfish! 

Spend More time on personal wellbeing 

If your aim for 2019 is to give yourself a little bit more TLC, a holiday home that’s a short distance from real life is perfect for you.  By buying a static caravan, luxury lodge or holiday home by the coast you are giving yourself the best chance at dedicating more time to relaxing and spending time with those who are important, but also investing in “me” time. Whether your idea of relaxation is curling up with a good book, going for a peaceful amble along the beach or sitting in the sun with a glass of wine, your new lifestyle can offer it all. Mental Health Charity: Mind say that “…spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing.” Our holiday resorts are all in beautiful settings, surrounded by countryside and often just a stone’s throw from the Ocean, a lake or a Glen, so it is very easy to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings as soon as you arrive.  

Save money

It may sound counter-intuitive that making a large value purchase will help to save money but in some instances it really can! If you are considering buying a second home of the more traditional bricks and mortar variety, a static caravan could save you thousands in stamp fees, council tax, solicitor’s fees and ongoing upkeep. It will also reduce the amount that you spend on holidays in the years to come, as your accommodation is all, already paid for. Our resort based mortgageable holiday homes can also help you to secure some of the most popular holiday destination postcodes at a fraction of the price; and with all furniture included your holiday home will be ready to move into with no additional costs. 

It is also possible to earn money from your holiday home too by holiday letting any vacant periods that you might have available. Aria Resorts mortgageable properties are a particularly wise choice when looking at a buy to let holiday option as they come with an ICW guarantee and a 999 year lease. Aria Resorts provides a managed Letting Service at the majority of their resorts, so all the hard work is done for you. 

If you are ready for a new you for 2020, let us help by showing you what we can offer. Check out our New Year Reductions and give us a call today.