Sue and Mark's Life as owners

Gym owner, Sue and company director, Mark are from Timsbury, near Bath, Somerset. They purchased their stylish Cornish retreat, boutique barn on 1st April 2021. The couple are thoroughly enjoying their investment, describing it as a ‘wonderful peaceful haven from their busy lives’, and a spot from where they can also work remotely should they need to. They love the freedom that having a relaxing second home to come back to gives them. 

Mark’s parents lived in Falmouth for many years, as did Mark’s sister and nieces so the couple have been holidaying in Cornwall regularly for the last 18 years (although Mark has been back and forth to the area for over 30 years). When Mark’s parents and sister passed away, they stopped visiting and started missing it. This is why they decided to start looking for a reason to visit again…

When they saw the boutique barns at Retallack Resort & Spa online, they instantly loved the style, finish and location. They quickly made the decision to buy the Barn outright and give Aria 12 weeks of holiday letting a year minimum (with extra weeks as optional if they have no one staying).  

They have spent at least six weeks in their barn since April with their four adult children and one grandchild, all of which have thoroughly enjoyed the resort, its 5* facilities and the wider surrounding area. They head for Cornwall and have a great time seeing friends and have also rented it when they haven’t been there so financially and socially it adds up. 

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