Caravans and lodges for sale Scotland

We’ve set the scene, you tell the story

Unlock the beauties of the North with our two deliciously desirable, Scottish locations. Lose yourself in the thriving Scottish culture and scenery which will leave you breathless.

Catch glimpses of storybook castles as they rise out of the morning mist, scale rocky summits for the very best sunset views and meander around rippling lochs surrounded by ancient, rustling forests.


Our caravans and lodges for sale in Scotland

Moffat Manor

On the Resort

  • Lakeside tavern
  • Outdoor play
  • On resort shop
  • Woodland walks


  • Caravans
  • Lodges
  • Lake views available
  • Preloved caravans

Glendevon Resort

On the Resort

  • Scenic mountain views
  • Close to Gleneagles
  • World class fishing and golfing nearby


  • Residential plots
  • Lodges
  • New development


Looking for lodges for sale Scotland and wondering about holiday home ownership? With holiday home ownership, you can own a second home which you can choose to stay at for some of the year or buy to let for others to enjoy whilst earning yourself some money!

Lodges and caravans are both popular holiday homes with different benefits to suit individual needs. If you’re looking at caravans and lodges for sale in Scotland but you’re not sure which to go for, here is a round-up of the main differences between them: 

  • Lodges are usually more expensive than caravans
  • Typically, lodges are larger and more spacious than caravans
  • Their appearance is different - for example, holiday lodges are usually situated on a concrete or brick base.

You can buy lodges to live in (you can live in a lodge at Glendevon Country Park!)

There are so many benefits to buying a holiday lodge, so if you’ve been searching for lodges for sale in Scotland, you have this to look forward to: 

  • A luxury home from home where you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • A range of holiday lodges to pick from so you can view and find the perfect lodge in Scotland for you. 
  • You can be a part of a community
  • Both holiday lodges and caravans are easy to maintain, making them perfect for a getaway!
  • The surroundings of your holiday lodge will be well maintained - and saves you the work!
  • You can escape to your holiday lodge whenever you like (or live there permanently at Aria Resort’s Glendevon Countrypark!) to escape the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Here at Aria Resorts, owners also have extra benefits such as access to private events and long site licences

You don’t need to pack much for a lodge holiday! If you’ve already done some research around lodges for sale Scotland, you’ll notice that most lodges are fully equipped and ready to live in. Here at Aria Resorts, you really don’t need to pack much as we provide everything for you in our luxurious lodges and spacious caravans so that you can get straight into holiday mode whenever you visit your holiday home, however you won’t want to forget to bring along: 

  • Walking shoes/wellies - we all know how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK!
  • Comfy clothes such as slippers and a dressing gown so you feel right at home. 
  • A torch for those late night walks
  • Toiletries

Whilst static caravans at Aria Resorts are available to buy from £49,950, lodges are more expensive, with some roughly priced around £160,000 to £200,000.  We also have mortgageable properties that range up to £495,000 but these prices reflect the luxury, top-quality standards of our holiday and residential homes.

You will also need to take into consideration other ongoing costs after you buy a lodge, including annual site fees and insurance.

Scotland is an incredible place to escape to and there are many fabulous destinations for you to visit. Here at Aria Resorts, we have caravans and lodges in Moffat and Glendevon - both of which boast dramatic countryside scenery making them ideal locations for exploring Scotland by foot and enjoying nature. If you’re searching for lodges for sale in Scotland, look no further...

Whilst you can’t live in a caravan on a holiday park permanently, you can live in one of the lodges at Aria Resort’s residential country park, Glendevon. If you’re looking for residential lodges for sale Scotland, Glendevon offers the chance to be part of a community set in a stunning picturesque glen in Perthshire.