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Have your kids flown the nest? Ready to downsize?

Our residential park homes are easier to run than a traditional home, situated on grounds maintained to the highest standards and all within a community of like minded residents. A residential park home will give you more time to relax and enjoy life, without having the chores that come with owning a traditional home!


Residential Community

Glendevon Resort

Residential Park Homes with stunning scenery

We offer residential park homes within our breathtaking Glendevon Resort which provide a safe, secure and happy home for you and your loved ones. 

Our two bedroom park homes make the ideal property for those looking for a laid back luxury lifestyle in a picturesque glen in Perthshire at an excellent price. 

Aria Resorts' holiday homes are of the highest standard and there is no exception with our residential offerings, built and sited on well maintained grounds creating a real sense of community for everyone. If you're thinking of buying a residential park home in Scotland, take a look at the properties we have available now. We have a number of properties for sale on plots that are situated in the most stunning site Scotland has to offer plus we offer an assisted move scheme to make relocating a cinch!

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A residential park home is a detached, usually single storey property located within a private estate or resort, such as Aria's Glendevon Resort, perfect if you're around your 50s. What makes a residential park home unique is that it is a moveable, or 'mobile' home. Park homes usually contain a kitchen, living room, bedroom/s, and bathroom. By purchasing a park home, you own the home itself, but not the land it sits on, so a site fee will be applicable. When you buy a park home with Aria, you don't have to deal with various estate agents, as our team of experts are here to help guide you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.

No, it is not possible to get a mortgage on a residential park home, but you may be able to explore private finance options to help fund your purchase.

Yes, you will have to pay council tax on a residential park home as it is your main residence. This is different when purchasing holiday homes and lodges for occasional use because they are not acting as your main residence and so you do not pay council tax on them. Ask us about our council tax bands when buying your residential park home and we can provide all the expected living costs.

You can expect your residential park home to last at least 80 years, and much longer with proper maintenance. Aria Resorts Homes residential park homes are all built with long-life materials, come with a 10 year structural warranty and are built to exceed British Standard 3632.

Yes, the beauty of our residential park homes is that they become your main residence and you can live in them all year round. This differs from purchasing a holiday home for leisure use, which cannot become your main residence all year round. 

No, residential park homes are not freehold, and they are not leasehold either. This is due to the mobile homes act 2013 which states that the land a park home stands on remains the sole property of the landowner. When you buy a park home, you do own the park home outright, but the land is not included in the price. 

No, park homes do not need an EPC as they are exempt from needing one.

All of our residential park homes are fully insulated and have their own boiler and central heating system, so you'll be warm and cosy throughout the colder winter months

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